ADVANCED Transform by moveBALL™ 30-Day Challenge Kit, 6kg

ADVANCED Transform by moveBALL™ 30-Day Challenge Kit, 6kg

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Your Transform Challenge Kit includes:

  • 3 pieces of exercise equipment - 6 kg moveBALL, 7" core training ball, and professional style jump rope
  • Full color, detailed workout guide with 138 images 
  • Daily logbook for maximum accountability
  • USB with video support for each workout, demonstrating intensity options

Choose this ADVANCED kit carefully, because the 6 kg moveBALL™ is heavy. You need an exceptionally strong core to perform the movements safely and effectively. This kit is for you if:

  • You already exercise on a regular basis and enjoy an extra physical challenge.
  • You have very good cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength, and you are ready to take things up a few notches.
  • You would describe your upper, lower, and core muscle strength as very strong and ready for an extra challenge.
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